13 Tips to Enjoy Your Nia Experience Fully!

1. Train yourself. Become your own conscious, personal trainer. Coach yourself to move efficiently & with pleasure and joy.

2. Begin small. Keep the movements small in the beginning & increase your use of space as you build muscle strength & joint mobility in your own time.

3. Pick up your feet. To protect your feet & avoid blisters – don’t drag your feet. Be conscious of placing your toes in the direction you want the body to go. This will help avoid torquing your knee….ouch!

4. Sit back. When you lower the body, act as if you’re sitting in a chair, the buttocks are behind you and away from the knees. 

5. Dress to move. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and excited to move!

6. Try bare feet. Unless you need shoes for a medical condition, take off your shoes and allow your body to experience sensory input from the soles of the feet.

7. Start easy. Enjoy the freedom of being a beginner without criticism or judgment. Let your body slowly acclimate & adjust to Nia, enjoy mastering the basics before adding complexity.

8. Strive for balance. Listen to your body’s signals & move in a smooth, relaxed way that doesn’t fatigue you. Adjust movements that don’t feel right so you only encode positive, loving, joyful movements into your body memory.

9. Find your rhythm. Set your own pace, follow natural time. 

10. Express yourself. You are unique, let your movements express your personality, make the workout yours. Be yourself & have fun!

11. Savor your breath. When you inhale, slow down & smell the moment. Feel your belly expand & the ribs & chest fill. Exhale & place the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth.

12. Use your whole body. Connect with every cell in the body, every part of the body & move as your own dance partner.

13. Whole Person Wellness. Combine a good diet with internal & external exercises. Practice stress-reducing activities & get adequate sleep. Give yourself the gift of loving yourself through a healthy lifestyle!


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